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Tuesday, February 27th 2007 at 6:54 pm
[ mood | unimpressed ]

WARNING!! All the films in this film surveyCollapse ) are shit. None of my favourites in there :(

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Saturday, October 29th 2005 at 4:43 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I mean it. Why can none of you read? No promoting!
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Wednesday, October 5th 2005 at 4:45 pm
I now model for Belisha and ErebusClothing.

Belisha clothing will be on sale soon at www.belisha.com

ErebusClothing is available now, through MySpace: www.myspace.com/erebusclothing
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Sunday, September 25th 2005 at 4:56 pm
So yes. Today marks a year since David's death.
It doesn't feel like that was a year ago.
It should never have happened.
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Wednesday, July 27th 2005 at 2:53 am
Did anyone get today's Guardian because I freaking forgot. Damnit.
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I put my face in the dirt, and then finally I see. [
Saturday, July 23rd 2005 at 3:54 pm
[ mood | dancey ]

I like to play Speed at silly hours of the morning whilst drinking rum and coke and and being silly and and making faces.

If any of you lot were at the Danbury party last night, I'm sorry I blew you guys off, but, to be perfectly honest, I had somewhere better to go.

You know its bad when your mouth tastes of rum all the time. I must owe Leon a bloody fortune in alcohol. Shit.

Anyway, I'm off to the piercists :)
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You should've never trusted Hollywood... [
Saturday, May 7th 2005 at 8:45 pm
[ mood | SOADly ]

I am fucked off with ElJay. Consider this me taking a long break from it.

Oh. And I have listened to SOAD's new album 1000000000x. Jealous? You are.

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In case you hadn't already guessed... [
Thursday, February 10th 2005 at 10:46 pm
[ mood | creative ]

As we all know, I've been FriendsOnly for ages, but I felt like making a scene about it.

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I'd rather die than have to see your smile. [
Wednesday, February 2nd 2005 at 8:10 pm
Things I don't like. Again.Collapse )
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Ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment only... [
Sunday, December 5th 2004 at 10:51 am
[ mood | flirty ]

pretty like drugsCollapse )

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The Discovery [
Saturday, November 27th 2004 at 2:37 pm
[ mood | joyous ]

please excuse my "ohxsoxtragic" writings of late. I... don't quite know what was going on there. But I am sitting here now with fried mushrooms, and thigns are great :D I saw this in a random email or somethign a few years ack, and felt like doing it now. It's going to sound arogant, its not meant to, its meant to remind us to be thankful for what we have :)

Reasons Why I'm Lucky :)
1. I have some of the best friends/wives/fake-mothers imaginable. Ro, Sarah, Laura, Lucy, Nats, Harry etc

2. Despite my disgusting moods of late, my dearest ones still put up with me, and are lovely and supportive, especially Sarah, Laura, Lucy and Ro :D <3

3. Even though I complain, in general, my money situation is never bad for long, I am lucky enough to have people who will loan me and bail me out :)

4. I have the rockingest brother imaginable.

5. I have a house with walls, a roof and central heating. As well as running water

6. Said house (usually) contains food and other nourishment.


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I'm giving in to you... [
Monday, November 22nd 2004 at 5:41 pm
[ mood | crushed ]

I think I have a fever... maybe the rooms just too warm *opens window*

I was reading what Jimmy wrote. I really am selfish. I ruin everything, just because of my selfishness. I've hurt the people I care about the most. 10 Days ago, I managed to ruin things between my two favourite people and I. They were the people I cared about the most. And I was so fucking stupid and so fucking selfish, I upset them. I hate myself for it.

Laura is being a darling. Telling me to look to the future, and giving her usual brilliant advise :) I just wish I didn't ruin everything I touched.

Why do I upset other people, then complain about being unhappy myself? arghhhhhhhhhhh. I need a holiday from me.

last thursday, I was 2 weeks C.F. thats quite an acomplishment I feel.

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And even though I know that everything might go downhill from here, I'm not afraid [
Sunday, November 21st 2004 at 5:57 pm
[ mood | euphoric ]


Sarah and I spent the day at her house doing glorious things like watching the Less Than Jake DVD, covering ourselves in glitter, listening to Damien Race and making The Pizza (who wouldn't enjoy a Chese, tomato, spaghetti, marshmallow, chewit and peanut butter pizza?)

As if the day could not get annnnnny better :

I never said don't go says:
I was wondering if maybe you'd like to hangout some time
"body and soul.... adams a thief... adams a thief..." - sleep deprived simon says:
dont see why not

it appears that he can actually stand to talk/see me again!!!! this is so, so great!!!

I never meant to upset him. I was just so, so worried about him. I really do care about him :( And as for the dumb thing I said (which was "we're not together so what does it matter?" incase anybody missed it) I don't know why I said it. it was inconsiderate and hurtful and nasty. None of those things I ever wanted to be to anyone, especially him. I know things will never be the same again now, because of my stupidity, but it'll be cool for us to be friends at least :)

Sorry about the length of this entry. Today was SO great

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Thursday, November 18th 2004 at 10:07 pm
[ mood | confused ]

I took my photographs, the ones I have of you
And cut your eyes out of it
to try and see your point of view

I don't understand what I've done, and whilst I'm glad it's happened, because it was obviously meant to be, it would be nice to salvage something... but still, it's for a reason and I'm in no position to question such a thing.

So when my soul is sinking,
I'll grab ahold of memories of you,
So when I'm disappearing,
I'll cling to what I have of you

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I'm gunning down romance. It never did a thing for me [
Tuesday, November 16th 2004 at 4:04 pm
[ mood | happy ]

I'd just like to say, I'm really sorry everybody!

I realise that over the last couple of months, I have been stewing over things that I should be lucky to have even experienced, as many people dont get the oppourtunity in their lifetimes to feel. So here we go people, I'm back to my laid-back "ah well, theres always tomorrow" self :)


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Has anyone seen my will to live? [
Monday, November 8th 2004 at 4:41 pm
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I'm shattered... everything is going wrong.

I'm going to try and get some stuff done tonight, although I doubt I will.

this sucks.

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would you ever soon come above unto me? [
Sunday, November 7th 2004 at 10:11 pm

Still in a shite mood, I really don't want to go to schoool tomorrow but I have to because of this damn play. I could really do with a couple of days off, if only for my sanity.

Saw the Finding Neverland, it was really cool. Also saw The Grudge, in my opinion, not scary, however by the reactions of my friends I am lead to believe I should've been frightened.

Sometimes, I imagine there is a little sprite like creature living in my head controlling me. Thats what it feels like anyway.

Don't think I'll be going to see alexisonfire&thebled&johnnytruant because people really suck.

Well, more that noboday actually seems to stick to their word of wanting to come.

Which reminds me, I must book MCR tickets.
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It's ok, she's just got the flu. [
Tuesday, November 2nd 2004 at 5:05 pm
*Ig is at a gig, watching the supportband, who are fronted by a very ugly girl who cant sing, but has brilliant stage presence*

*Ig thinks "I could do that! I can sing badly, be ugly and jump around alot!!!!I 'll be a singer in a band!!!!!"*

*thankfully, Ig manages to supress the urge with the idea of how humilliating it would in fact be to be "the ugly girl who cant sing but has good stage presence"*

*Ig goes to the gym so as to get fit/thin/pretty/whatever*
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Tuesday, November 2nd 2004 at 4:02 pm
[ mood | hyper ]

I'm going to see The Bled & alexisonfire & Johnny Truant in December! AND THEN!!!!!!! Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance in January

gigs really are the greatest. I can think of very few things more exciting than good gigs. Apart from maybe a good gig, preceeded by PIZZA HUT! that is the plan!


that is all.

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consider this my alternative to calling the police [
Saturday, October 30th 2004 at 11:54 pm
SARAH!!!! I'm worried! 5 days and no update!!!!!




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